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We'd need a small user guide with screenshots for new people that want to help on the website content.

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@allan or @davidak, if you have time to work on this, please claim this task; thanks !

Ok, what page should it be uploaded to?


I think this page would be good:

The HTML guide ( should definitely be linked to from there though.

I had a go at it.

If someone wants a topic covered, let me know.

Allan, thanks, this looks good already. I find a bit disturbing that the screenshots look exactly like the website (for a reason) maybe add some border around the images so people understand those are screenshots?

Great progress already!

+1 on borders around images to make it easier to understand that they are images
alternatively you can use the CSS "thumbnail" class to put it into a widely used rounded corner frame.

annotations like arrows inside the image pointing at where to click would be the ultimate feature IMHO :)

Fixed. I'd like to fix the translator guide in similar fashion, but since i havent translated anything at apertus yet ill leave that for later. Currently trying to bring major change to some pages, translations thereof to follow.

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Just had a look...what happened to the images? Why are the links in them blue?

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@sebastian The images that are there are not relevant to conveying this information. Links are blue to emphasize that they are links.
Any changes you want made?

My problem with the images now is that its hard to make a relation from the blue images to the actual website.

I found the old images perfectly fine, just suggested to add a border around them to make sure people understand they are images not actual website elements.

i was also confused about the pictures and wanted to create a ticket to take new screenshots with the actual design because i thought this was an old design :D

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