AXIOM web UI improvements
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AXIOM Cameras can be controlled via a prototype WebUI. However that WebUI is missing features and has some problems. Goal of this task is to address these.


  • Change the architecture of the WebUI so that the frontend cant execute arbitrary code on the camera any more
  • Implement a WIFI configuration UI using NetworkManager
    • Change Hotspot Name / Password
    • Scan for WIFI networks
    • Connect to existing WIFI Network
  • Implement password changing for the operator user
  • Implement a browser based terminal (using existing libraries) (guarded with some kind of login)
  • Implement UI widgets for White balance & Gamma
  • Implement UI for taking still photos with the Beta & Downloading them
  • Implement A Hardware Overview Page that shows revisions of different the different board installed


  • React Know-How
  • NetworkManager Know-How

Language Skills:

  • JavaScript

Useful Links:

Difficulty: Medium

Mentors: vup

To get in touch with any mentor check the Mentor Contact List.

Notes: If you do not have access to the required hardware platforms/dev kits, we will provide them (or remote access) to you for the duration of the project.

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