Central Parameter/Settings Database implementation - Observer Pattern
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I would like to have a Central Database object that acts as a central API to the actual camera and to all the GUI elements that visualize said parameters.

I want to have Setters and Getters for an arbitrary number of parameters (and types: integer, float, Strings, etc.) which could be identified with a unique string name.


menuItems or Screens should be able to subscribe/attach to any parameter and with a handler(functionpointer) that is called when the value changes update their desired GUI elements.
E.g in pseudo C++ code:

    CentralDB->subscribe("ExposureTime", &UpdateMyGUI);

void UpdateMyGUI(sender*)
    _expTime = sender->GetParameter();

CDC Messages received by the Remote from the camera should trigger such a value change as well.


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After a discussion with @sebastian I'm claiming this :)

I'm watching you! ;) Lame observer pattern joke, i know.