Python script for PCB probe data
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  • Fix bottom layer positioning and angle problems
  • Sorting of parts by position, either left-right or top-bottom, to reduce probe distance between probing
    • Command line argument to switch between the options
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Attempt 1 which was plain output of element order, like it was stored by EAGLE:

Attempt 2 used sorting by x and y position of elements, note the top and bottom pad rows, they don't have the origin in the center, so pad position has to be incorporated into the path calculation somehow:

Attempt 3: this time the export was done for SMD pads, for further analysis:

Attempt 4: took a step back to analyze differently, orange line is still showing the unsorted path from betweens, red lines are showing the element origin and which pads belong to the element, this clearly shows that better partitioning is required, especially at the top and bottom connector areas:

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