prototype LCD dimming through PWM
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The LCD controller features brightness control in the chapter 8.2.38. Write Display Brightness (51h) of the datasheet: but it is unclear if that works as expected and has the desired effect.

TVs also allow changing brightness/contrast values but this just alters the color values of what is displayed and does not actually change the backlight intensity.
This needs to be evaluated with the AXIOM Remote LCD.

If it does not have the desired effect we can control the backlight LEDs directly from the PIC32. By using PWM we should be able to implement high frequency dimming.

Sheet 3 LED_A1 - LED_A4

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@BAndiT1983 has evaluated the ILI9341 backlight control to be working sufficiently well:


ILI9341Display::SetBacklight(percentage in uint8_t);

Found the link which contains the code i've used for generation of linearization array:

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@BAndiT1983 did it! 💃