update "rcn_darkframe.py" regarding the new pypng structure
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Following the RCN calibration found on the wiki [https://wiki.apertus.org/index.php/Factory_Calibration_(firmware_2.0) ], this bug rise :

AttributeError: module 'png' has no attribute 'read_pnm_header'

(see the wiki for full error)

The idea discussed on IRC (21st feb 2020, 22h50) was to update the rcn_darkframe.py in order to adapt to the new pypng structure (ie " "pripngtopam command line tool converts PNG to NetPBM PNM/PAM file. Previously png.py did this." ).

Reference: http://irc.apertus.org/index.php?day=21&month=03&year=2020#340

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pip install --force "pypng==0.0.18"

new firmware has been built, testing if the fix is working there as well is still to be done.

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