replace irc webclient on with a better one
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(5:11:59 PM) Bertl: well, we might consider using a better web client in the future
(5:12:07 PM) Bertl: I'm pretty sure there are some out there
(5:13:07 PM) Bertl: Kiwi IRC comes up on a google search
(5:13:34 PM) vup2: afaik there is also a web client based on quassel
(5:13:51 PM) vup2: And quassel works quite well for me
(5:14:35 PM) Bertl: so maybe create a lab task to create a proper web-irc solution
(5:14:50 PM) vup2: The advantage being that quassel is server based and users would always get a full log

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