RAW video containerization - Format comparison
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This lab task is aimed for comparing different raw video container formats for eventually being used as a method to encode video frames out of AXIOM Beta. This lab task came out from the initial requirements detailed in T951.

Currently, it is aimed to compare formats like

  • Magic Lantern's MLV
  • Adobe's CDNG
  • Cineform RAW
  • ProRes RAW
  • Redcode RAW
  • Canon's Cinema Raw Light
  • MXF

etc. If you feel you can add new ideas, or compare other formats, feel free to analyze and report finding on this task.

This task (T951) was featured as one of the projects in Google Summer of Code 2018. More details on this can be found at: http://supragyaraj.com/dev/gsoc-2018/

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I created a shared spreadsheet:

Anyone can edit and extend it so please feel free to research and help complete it.

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A proof of concept that MLV can work for us can be found at: https://github.com/supragya/AXIOM_RawStreamHandler