auto focus for manual lenses
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auto focus for manual lenses would be possible with some auto focus code and an attachable servo

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This idea needs refinement in its definition.

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laser triangulation, ir or ultrasonic distance measurement combined with a servo or microstepper attached to a follow focus (example ) to adjust the lens focus according to distance. different lenses might need different adjustments.

This is possible, can this be merged with the OSArduino FF? It was a part of expanded design in the project.

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i have used a Sony EX3 with Fujinon zoom optics which has autofocus and electric zoom. to that was 2 controllers attached, left and right on the handles of a sachtler tripod.

this for focus: Fujinon EPD-1CA

and this for zoom: Fujinon ERD-T22 Zoom

for a broadcast studio setup this is really great!

there are a lot of focus systems for manual zoom optics. there is one part with a servo attached to the lens and one controller, attached with a cable or wireless. i think a cable is better for less delay.
most of them are quit expensive, but there are DIY projects out there.

some examples:

if we have such a system, the axiom firmware can control it for automatic focussing or manual focus with a smartphone.

we could just attach a servo with a housing to our rig since we have a board to control it. maybe 2 for focus and zoom.

This can be grouped in with the Open Source Arduino Follow Focus, motor controlled auto focus using various methods, one of which included a manual calibration method of calibrating a manual focus lens or unknown lens.