CE and FCC Certification
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"It is important that you remember you should test as much as you think is adequate as it's impossible to test to all the worlds individual country standards. The major ones are self-ceritifications (FCC & CE) so you state that your product complies and you should have some documentation showing you went to reasonable effort to be sure of that.

EMC test prices can quckly get out of hand. For a recent product we went with the EMC Test Club1 and got very reasonable rates."

London based.

Fees - http://www.emctestclub.com/join_the_club___.html

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Yeah, well of course this is something that the industry wants you to do. Considering the number of Betas out there, maybe just write up a simple declaration for each country where the product has been tested with a super official looking checklist, get it signed by the "tester" and someone from the organization.

Due diligence in the open hardware world.