Axiom Weatherproof Enclosure
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Looking at the Apertus Beta, I feel that it can be enclosed better by using some good insulting plastic that helps heat escape, as much as letting it stay cool. The only problem is that the holes have to still be used to help air flow through the system to keep the components cool. The good news is that because the Beta is basically almost a block, 3D printing out a plastic block with a few screws on each side to help keep it insulted would be easier since it is basically a box. There also could be a compartment door hinge way of opening the hard plastic cover to attach the cords. Rubber could also be used to help this camera out with making connections to the cords and even maybe the screen too. And since smartphones are getting more waterproof this would be interesting.

Think of something like a toughbook from the Navy Seal divers.

However, I can feel Apertus scratching their head and facepalming at the impracticality this idea has, but it would have been more impractical had the camera not been a box shape. The gopro is a box shape, and this could be just as good as the Gopro. An RC remote control boat or submarine would have more trouble than this camera, because those are not in a box shape.

I could cut out an empty milk jug and put this camera inside it and film with it as a reminder.

Hey, I would spend an extra $5,000 if this option was avaliable.

I got an email from Sebestian about writing a topic about this, and I hope I picked the right part of the site for this.

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Hi Zach

You did everything perfectly with your idea and suggestion.

In general I think a weather proof enclosure is a good idea but we have to take it one step after the other.

Then if we brainstorm about a weather proof enclosure there are two approaches:

  1. another enclosure around the existing enclosure
  1. a replacement for the existing enclosure

As you identified already the main challenges are air ventilation and cooling, lens mount, holes for connectors, buttons.
Another big challenge as I see it is the modularity of the Beta that means that the enclosure cannot be just a single shape but has to account for several possibilities and options.

Concept drawings and research into materials and composites would be a next step. I doubt it is a good idea to 3d print such an enclosure (of course for prototypes but not for production).

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We would like to experiment with DIY carbon fiber casting, the process is highly manual and requires a cast negative first (which could be CNC milled or maybe even 3d printed). If someone is interested in pursuing these tests we should have a chat.

Unfortunately, I don't have the space, or funds, or a reason beyond Apertus to store a 3D printer.

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Also note alternative: 'This Clear Underwater Housing Is like Putting Your DSLR in a Condom'