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Stuff found that it would be good to consolidate here.

Feel free to bring anything you've seen on the web back.

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"I would be interested to see if they ever do phone apps. It would be nice to capture clips on the camera and send them to a contact right from the field by wirelessly sending it through your phone. I'm not talking long clips. Something like 10 second clips but high quality. Cell phone clips are just so bad in even mildly difficult lighting conditions." - From -

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"Seriously, this is one of the coolest and most advanced open hardware projects I have ever seen." - Harris Kenny, Lulzbot/Aleph Objects Inc.

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"The AXIOM is professional-grade gear. Quality components, highly capable, with headroom to grow because it runs Linux. A respectably complex product. Serious kudos. It's great to see both Wiki and LaTeX documentation, useful for someone new to Arch and cinematography like me. Comparing to computers (even though it basically is one on its own), the comparison is not hobbyist single-board computers, the better comparison here is some insane Pogo Linux Server or as System76 powerhouse laptop or workstation.

An underreported story is premium Free/Libre/Open Source Hardware (Beyond innovation happening at lower price points in other categories) 3D printing is an obvious example of this (I am proud of LulzBot printers of course) Also see this in laptops, cell phones, servers and more (e.g. System76, Purism, Pogo Linux) Like in software (e.g. Red Hat, SUSE), openness driving innovation, quality, and support." - Harris Kenny, Lulzbot/Aleph Objects Inc.