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It seems quite a few people currently don't read the entire "availability" paragraph with the link to prices in the wiki at the end.
So I propose we create a two-coloumn graphic/illustration that on the left handside shows the developer kit and the 3.990€ price tag and the Beta II with enclosure, etc. as rendering on the right hand side (with "in development" and "concept enclosure", etc. labels) and the 5990€ price tag.

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RexOr added a comment.Jun 29 2017, 4:30 PM

You know when I keep asking for the dev kit on a white background? It's not to picture it on a white background (although that can/will sometimes be useful) it's because it's easier to cut the background away when the contrast is that high. Then it can be transposed onto C1C1C1 and given some subtle drop shadow. It could be done with the promo dev kit image we already have, but unfortunately it has two cameras facing each other so someone can see the reverse. That's useful too in certain circumstances but not here I don't think because it becomes a space/detail issue. In addition a lens being attached probably isn't necessary.

It also prompts the question of how we're gonna picture an AXIOM Beta II on this card. The image Michael did with the Arri lens attached is almost there (although, again, it would be better without a lens for these purposes)... If, say, this image could be finished or brought up to date it would then be very good if we can photograph the dev kit in the same position (or facing the other direction for symmetry) - this would involve taking some care and matching the camera position with Michael's image on shooting.

Those are my initial thoughts.

An alternative would be to use the dev kit image that's used on Page 05 of ABPB Camera Structure and one of the usual side/front/above projections of the final enclosure we normally use. Those are a little tired and the card wouldn't be too impressive but it would serve the purpose.

sebastian added a comment.EditedJun 30 2017, 9:57 AM

Max will pick up a dev kit to snap those pictures on monday.
If you want to give him a briefing on what perspectives, background and lighting, etc. you want for these now is a perfect time :)

For the graphics I wouldnt overthink it for now and just go with what we currently have. We can at any point replace the visualizations with better ones once they exist.

RexOr added a comment.Jul 1 2017, 1:05 AM

Then it might be best to do it the other way around, for Michael to match the perspectives of the Dev Kit photo, seeing as he's busy with product revisions I'd imagine.

Again lets not overthink this simple image, we can swap it out anytime later.

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