Wiki contents shortcuts jump too far down the page
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The title and first few lines of a section are hidden underneath the page header. eg:

Tested on Chrome 54.0 and Firefox 53.0 on Linux

But both Chrome & Firefox on Android render the page fine.

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"first step is to make it proper HTML/XML/CSS whatever, then it makes sense to see where it fails" - Bertl.

Actually the first step would be to update mediawiki to the latest version which does not seem possible with the current server OS IIRC. So first step is moving the webserver to a new one....

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But both Chrome & Firefox on Android render the page fine.

It is working in the cases when there's a small viewport so the menu bar that contains "AXIOM Beta" doesn't appear (that appears to be a width < 1200px).

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Noticed this recently with Mission Briefings

As that page becomes more extensive, and as linking to specific sections of it is important, this will become a problem.