sensor plane knob for focus puller measure tape
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Does any focus puller still measure the distance between sensor plane and subject with a measuring tape or does he nowadays use electronic aids like peaking to make his distance marks on the follow focus ring?

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You still see measuring tape in many making-off's, but I'd imagine it is often replaced with an electronic "ruler". It is also a fact that (long throw) cine style lenses are equipped with a very accurate distance scale, so this is still important.

I personally use ML's peaking on the 5Dmk3, the magnification function and SmallHD's peaking aid to achieve good focus, but then I do mostly live concerts and docu style work.

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This worries me as it is a pretty easy task that shouldn't be having speculative comments.

The answer is of course yes, the tape measure or laser tape is standard in every 1sts kit, with a large number using FIZ units off of displays of course.

For on camera distance tracking, Cinetapes or Snipers are rather common.

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if possible please add a thread to the enclosure for a knob at the sensor plane

toxitobi: for the standard home measurement tape a grove would be great

Focus pullers don't use home measurement tape though.

They use tape with rings as the end.

therefore we need a real knob: