Look into Wiki solutions with Git backends
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The idea is to make the AXIOM documentation available both through a user-facing page (like the current wiki) and in the form of a repository on the apertus GitHub organization.

Content could then be added and edited both by users familiar/comfortable with working with wikis (including "drive-by" users) and more tech-savvy users who prefer working on content locally/offline via version control.

It would also mean that all documentation could be downloaded at once (downloading a GitHub repository in the form of a zip file does not require a GH account) and is available in the same place where all code is being made available. However, the wiki functionality/frontend should be kept so anyone can continue to contribute to the documentation.

There are already some wiki-git solutions, e.g. gitit or gollum, which would need to be looked into & compared.

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I don't think there is a practical solution that allows keeping those two sources of information in sync so closing for now until anyone convinces me of the opposite.