add paragraph about the axiom alpha in the project history page
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Since we have now removed the AXIOM Alpha pages ( from the main website menu to reduce confusion when new visitors read the website we should add a paragraph and one or two pictures about it to our history page:

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Hope that's how you envisioned it!

I think its a good idea to change the order to go from beginning (top) to end (bottom).

About the Alpha I was more suggesting a summary paragraph with a "read more" link rather than a direct copy/paste.

Also why is the alpha between the ars electronica and path to responsibility?

I rearranged it and also corrected the text - same with the Alpha text, it's not simple copy/paste. Thought putting it after ars - since the price money funded its development and before the end - which is what's still happening would be a good idea... but could change all of that if you think that's a better idea. Also I thought it's good to put the Alpha in the history, because it is an essential part of the history...

I don't think we need the alpha subsites menu anymore above the big image.
Please also review the very last paragraphs, there are some missing spaces and the text paragraph style has gone haywire (compare to:

And I like this picture: maybe you find a space for it.

We definitely do not need the block diagram from the alpha anymore.

Since this task was half implemented in the history page leaving a draft out in the open I reverted the page back to the original state.
Sophie please copy this page and make the changes there.

RexOr closed this task as Resolved.Mar 2 2017, 5:52 AM still does not cover the alpha .

Why "resolved"?

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Could you take care of this please?

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Yes. Couple of weeks max I'd imagine, the way things are.

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Try that. I failed to get the image not to clip on the right hand edge.

Leave the html/layout to me.

I changed the order to be chronological again and added another image. Changed the text a bit.

Please review my wording/gramar :)

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I'll probably want to further hone this, but I changed several things on the page.

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