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Hello all,

After discussing the apertus° project with some cinematographer friends, it appears that people would like to see also a CCD option for the sensor of the AXIOMs. The main argument is the "unique look" it can produce, compared to the CMOS look, which is now everywhere.

Cinematographers would be interested in a modern digital camera with CCD-sensor. They even already are interested, and some of them don't step back using an Ikonoscop for example, even if in it remains tidious in practical terms (on set and with the data management).

From what I've understood (thx to Sebastian) : in technical terms a CCD requires a very sophisticated support logic (they output analog signals) so its a bit like the magic involved in building an analog audio preamp for a guitar for example with tubes, etc. to produce a unique sounding distortion signal.

Any one else in the apertus° community could be interested in a CCD sensor ?
Did your friends already asked you for such a thing ?

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It would be interesting to learn the current state of development, the only large diameter sensors I know are from Kodak(now onsemi) and Dalsa:

But looking at the Dalsa website they don't even seem to have one that can reach 24 FPS at Full HD:

Onsemi continues the original Kodak line up which is used in Ikonoskop and DigitalBolex cameras and they even have larger diameter ones now:

Is there any other manufacturer?
Not that we intend to jump into CCD sensors right now but its always good to have an overview, after all the Beta and Gamma have a separated image sensor module so it would be rather easy to create a module with a new sensor and reuse the rest of the camera hardware.

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linked to this, i researched a little bit on frameless recording (where you need a ccd sensor for)
and found out that prof. hank dietz released this short pdf on this subject:

he and his students would maybe very interested on this topic
and maybe could contribute in some way to the project and profit of it.

anyway, the pdf is a great short read :)

I'm one of those people thinking that CCD sensors are more interesting for cinema pictures. I have the feeling that the digital cinema is going reverse than what the history of art did : from very naturalistic and defined paintings to pointillism and colour shades abstraction.... in cinema history we first knew pointillism - film - , then we saw with the dv some kind of impressionism, and now we go to cmos 8k, and so on with a technology that have few meaning for most of the films that are beeing produced nowadays....

I'm mainly a DP and a camera assistant, my electronics skills date back from my post-grade studies ans I'm not sure I could help much in the actual building of a CCD camera.
However, in that CCD project, I'd be interested in developing some experimental features happening in the analog part of the camera, before the signal is digitalized, to find different textures and distortions to the picture.
A somehow noise camera, like noise music!
Anyone on? :)

A somehow noise camera, like noise music!

Very interesting.

I am skeptical this approach can mobilize a critical mass of people to fund the development but I would be happy to see it happen.

Two CCD cameras opensource projects (for astronomics still pictures) that could maybe help : ,
I just opened an old CCTV CCD camera to see how it's made inside, I definitely can't understand a thing (so far at least, I need someone else to explain me!)

Please take pictures of the disassembly and create a new wiki page about it, like this:

Ok, all files on the "Recent Changed" page, for 22nd september. I didn't find how to make a page of the photos.