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Would you be so kind and create a set of 5 images (transparent pngs) that we can put next to each other on Gamma article footers that represent the logos of each partner like in this image: making the total width of our content area (870pixels). Each image should contain some space around it so we can make each image link directly to the partners website.

Each partner logo should have the same visual weight/size.

EU logo plus the sentence from the above image we can do just below the logo bar as separate element.

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Now on /private/Logos/PartnersLogoBanner.png

I need 5 individual images so I can make them link to the partner websites as described above.

Updated the FTP directory.


Created this website article template:


getzi added a comment.Apr 24 2015, 1:21 PM

Spacing is off unfortunately, I uploaded a folder to /private/Logos/web_pngs/adj_spacing/ with individual spacings between the logos. But it only works in the suggested ranking.

I sorted the logos by alphabet now to make it fairer, do you know which order Nils applied when he did the poster?

getzi added a comment.Apr 24 2015, 1:25 PM

The one i ordered them as well in the latest folder. I figured we keep it consistent ;)

but a"p"ertus is not the first in the alphabet

getzi added a comment.Apr 24 2015, 1:43 PM

Didn't seem to matter on the poster, but i reordered them now. Pls check the new folder. In alphabetical order, 870px wide in total, adjusted weight.

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