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My second concern about the AXIOM Gamma was the slow motion.
Is there any kind of limit ? Like RAM Memory or some ?
Is there RAW support in slow motion ?
Is there RAW available at higher frame rates at lower resolutions ? Like 1080p, 720p,480p ....


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Hi Charlie!

Would you be so kind to move this to the correct place and create a question in Ponder:

Regards Sebastian

It's worth noting that the 1000fps camera has just been given an upgrade to use the Cmosis CMV12000 sensor being used in the Beta:

Apparently the electronics haven't been upgraded - so you guys might want to take a look at what the developers have done to make this possible (apparently they can process up to 220fps in 4K!):

As I've said before - if you can add high speed capabilities to the Beta it'd become a pretty killer camera!

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