analyze trends and write summary of survey results
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Somebody allready does the analysis? I could do it, just need a native englisch speaker for publication. Cheers, phil

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I have no time to do it currently, so this would really help. Any comment from @sebastian regarding this task ?

Since nobody is assigned and nobody reported any progress here you are free to start working on this. I am sure we will find a native speaker to review the text afterwards.

I am currently cleaning up the data to publish it here.

Here are the anonymous survey results (any personal data removed):

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Tried to dl, but file seems to be corrupt or pw protected? Cheers, phil

sent you direct message with the file, hope that works better.

I tried to download the file here, and it unpacks fine btw

PhilC, how is the article going?

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seems PhilC disappeared, freeing task for someone else to pick

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