Full HD/16mm crop mode
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non-essential, would be nice to have at some point

tech background:
take 1920x1080 pixels from image sensor center and do actual classic debayering with them, discard all other pixels around these.

This will be close to a 16mm film/sensor area.

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The chip has a programable window mode is that means he chip will only read the centre 1080 lines - but I think they are spread across the full width of 4096 pixels - I'm not sure if you can specify a window that has a shorter line length, but perhaps Cmosis could let you know. If you can get the chip to only read out that window it would make processing a lot easier. Or perhaps it's simple enough to disregard the first and last 1,088 pixels per line. One added advantage would be a high max frame rate a la Red.

As per sensor datasheet you can specify to skip lines, not columns.

The more lines you skip the higher FPS you can reach.

We already skip columns to generate the images in the FPGA pipeline in the AXIOM Alpha. as we only need 3840 columns from the 4096.

Okay, so a 16mm crop area would be simple enough to implement then. It might be worth using the line skip as well since this would increase the max frame rate at the same time.

I wouldn't call it simple as we have to implement a completely different debayering algorithm but its technically possible.

Ah, yes. I suppose you would!