Create AXIOM/apertus° desktop backgrounds
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Wouldn't it be cool to have desktop background images with AXIOM/apertus° relevant topics/content.


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a very fine rendered 3D picture of the Axiom Beta in the middle and the apertus° logo under it (middle or right).

later real photos of the prototype and aluminum version.

background like if you use a paper as background.

i really like to have the papercraft on my desk and see it the whole day. :)

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Nils do you have ideas for simplistic AXIOM designs?

I am thinking of things like this, maybe a good inspiration:

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I'll start on some simplistic/pixel designs as well as some flat designs. Here is a traced and textured wallpaper. All of the future versions will be rendered at 1920x1080. Any other resolution sizes?

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For each new release (thus every 6 months), the Fedora project organizes a contest to include 16 additional wallpapers provided by the community, which are decided on by a process of voting:

Maybe they (whoever organizes/decides this in the fedora community) would be interested in a new track: Supplemental desktop backgrounds for an open OS created with an open camera ... :)

Background images (and contest) captured with the Beta is an excellent idea!

Unfortunately this task has fallen asleep a bit and needs people to push it further :)

Any more designers around that want to give it a go.

1920x1080 is the most desired background image resolution currently I think.

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apertus Standard wallpaper 1

Link -

OpenCine Standard Wallpaper 2

Link -

OpenCine Standard Phone wallpaper 2

Link -

filehost complains about disabling adblock...
can you upload the files here directly?

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Each Picture has a .jpg, a .png, and a .psd