New Image Processing Nodes for the AXIOM-recorder
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The AXIOM recorder software is envisioned to record moving images from AXIOM cameras via either USB3 or Ethernet. That software package uses a node-based approach to image processing. Some basic nodes for image input / output and processing are already implemented.


Implement more advanced and useful image processing nodes in the axiom recorder. For example:

  • histogram
  • vectorscope
  • lift / gain / gamma color correction (like for example in DaVinci Resolve)
  • darktable-like "contrast equalizer"
  • halation emulation
  • film-grain emulation
  • FFMPEG based video input
  • anything else you would like to use


  • Vulkan / GPU Know-How

Language Skills:

  • Rust

Useful Links:

Difficulty: Medium
Hours: Depending on the number and which nodes you will implement this can either be a small (175 hr) or a large (350 hr) project.

Mentors: vup, anuejn

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