VPN setup inside AXIOM Beta
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prepare vpn setup in Beta firmware so it can create a tunnel to apertus.org with one command so remote support can be provided when the camera is connected to the internet and a local user starts te vpn service.

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vup added a subscriber: vup.Oct 4 2021, 1:25 PM

Unless there are actual usecases for a VPN something simpler like a pure terminal sharing solution seems better for support purposes to me.

The two main ones I know about are

  1. https://github.com/owenthereal/upterm
  2. https://tmate.io/

The work by having a server component and a client for the person that wants to share the terminal (in this case the client would be installed on the beta).
Once you share your terminal with the respective client you get a ssh comandline which others can then use to access your terminal.
Either tmate or upterm look fine to me, but go (-> upterm) is probably more fun to hack on than c, if it might ever be necessary.