NixOS on the camera
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AXIOM cameras currently boot a custom arch Linux ARM image produced by the a set of makefiles and shell scripts to suite the requirements of camera usage. A build process of the firmware image using nix and running NixOS on the camera has many benefits and the goal of this task is to facilitate that.

Translate the makefiles and setup scripts that produce the customized Archlinux ARM image to nix, producing a customized NixOS image.


  • working experience with nix and NixOS
  • deep understanding of shell scripts and makefiles
  • ability to understand complicated build processes like the one for u-boot or the linux kernel

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Difficulty: Hard
Hours: This project can be adjusted to be either a small (175 hr) or a large (350 hr) project. A small project will likely have making the very basic setup (u-boot, linux kernel, basic camera tools) work as goal, while a large project will have translating larger parts of the firmware image builds as goal.

Mentors: vup

To get in touch with any mentor check the Mentor Contact List.

Notes: If you do not have access to the required hardware platforms/dev kits, we will provide them (or remote access) to you for the duration of the project.

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