Standard icons for project pages to github and wiki
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I think it would be nice to have intuitive icons that all project pages can apply in identical manner so we do not need to write:

Dictator on the apertus° wiki
Dictator Source Code on GitHub

on but just have two icons instead that link to these pages.

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This is what I proposed in T57 but more comprehensive here.

We could have each project on with a short description + various links to each service (github, wiki, lab) with the same presentation each time. Each project node could have a specific link field for each service to have a uniform presentation.

Icons could then be added site-wide with css.

Is it what you had in mind?

yes, exactly what I had in mind, great!

3 fields have been added to nodes of type project.

Example here :

Just some css love on each field and you'll have your icons :-)

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inspiration can be found over here. i really like that site.

Just discovered this :

It would be really nice to have our project pages more like that page, and at the end have several buttons like their "Join the discussion"

Linking to github, wiki, and lab

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