Wiki: Mobile problems
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There are two critical problems currently.

  1. The page body width is 1150px. To correspond there are many images across the Wiki which are set to display at 1150 in each instance. e.g.
[[File:ABCP steps W Logo, Tagline and Slogan sm.png | 1150px |]]
  1. There are a number of tables across the Wiki.

These elements are fine on Desktop but on mobile this causes problems.

A good example of where both of these problems can be encountered is

RexOr created this task.Nov 11 2018, 5:31 PM
RexOr added a comment.Dec 16 2018, 3:47 PM

[15:44] (BAndiT1983) RexOrCine, this issue should solve the struggle with images at least a bit ->

[15:44] (BAndiT1983) nevertheless it's still important to adjust the theme for mobile usage

css applied

Have no time to verify the fix though currently, can you please check.

moved css to other theme file, now it seems to be applied.

Please verify.

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