Get SSL cert for lab
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your actual certificate is for

if you want to use this subdomain ( you should consider buying a second certificate or a wildcard certificate if you want to use other subdomains in the future.

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we can get a free certificate there, but earliest "summer 2015".

until then we could use a self-signed, what is technically just as secure as certificates for a lot of money but the browser will warn, that the connection is insecure.

or get a free certificate from CAcert, StartCOM or other provider. or buy a certificate for 1 year from rapidssl or any other provider.

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We currently use free startcom 1 year certificates.Will get one when we extend the certs for all the other subdomains then.

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missed this one at first, please be so kind and grab a cert for the lab when you have time.

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New certificate (StartCom) is valid till 30.03.2016.

Lab was switched to SSL and tested.

Have fun,