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  • Page 1: The left box grey was darker in the older version - the lighter grey makes orange text blocks "AXIOM Beta" much harder to read.
  • Page 1: The left box used had the word "Product Brochure" in a slightly larger font giving it headline weight, now in the latest version all the text is the same size.
  • Page 1: its great that all chapters are now clickable
  • Page 4: The term "4K" resolution and Super 35 diameter might not be common for industrial/scientific target audiences so I would suggest we write "ams Sensors Belgium CMV12000: 4K resolution (4096 x 3072 Pixels), Super 35mm (APS-C) diameter, " instead - I made the changes here:
  • Page 6: I would crop the content of the photo of the Beta on the left side and shift the photo content further to the left
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Page 1 - Fixed
Page 1 - Fixed.
Page 4 - Fixed.
Page 6 - Too much effort to do this (Although what you described was what I did on the previous version) / New image in pipeline.

... and other general improvements.

New link -

Well done!

I replaced the PDF on the server inplace.

We can take a new photograph for page 6 on Monday together if you did not capture one by then already.

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