Lens Accessory (optional mount / development)
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Its a front mount assembly with removable covers and a locking mechanism for behind lens or integrated accessories for the front of the camera without a need for a mass amount of cables running elsewhere.

(pictures coming soon working on it)

  • Adjustable flange. (had anyone thought of this? This may be cause for another task created the ideas for this are interesting)
    • Screw in or tightened insert that can be removed for different lenses to adjust focus plane to sensor.
    • Rotational based adjustable flange with locking screw or other locking means (similar to how a lens adjust by simply rotating - that
  • Locking mount for accessories.
    • Accessories would fit around the lens tube slide down and turn to lock into place.
      • Think similar to lens locking except hollow.
  • Top hole access for accessories to fit in the tube
    • Screw down to prevent light leakage.
      • Added security rotational locking in additional to screw down to make sure there is zero light leakage

Opens up possibility for behind lens neutral density filters, haze filters, those types of things.
Also for possible Actuated shutter and optical viewfinder (link soon)

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