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Open Source Arduino Follow Focus

Requires power - plus program port, unless it can be integrated into Operating System with selectable USB plugin switch.

Two Versions

  • IBF (Integrated Beta Front Mount)
  • IMFF (Individual Module) (i.e. box with connection or battery DIY option) (link soon)

Features for it, may create separate list or project board if valuable.

Features for both

  • Motorized Option
  • Non Motorized (depends on camera and lens)
  • Lanc converter ( programmable to accept lanc signals and output different ones for expanded camera and accessory compatibility)
  • Saved presets for individual lenses or for rack focus on the fly
    • Auto lens based adjustment
    • Auto Lens boundary detection for unknown lenses
  • Auto
  • Buttons - standard lanc
    • start/stop
    • record
    • zoom (lens dependant)
    • focus
    • aperture (if wanted)//
  • Brushless Motor integration for cinema lenses
    • Variable Speeds for Brushless motor
    • Motor Calibration for tighter or looser lenses
  • Optional combination laser and sonar based rangefinding (an idea)
    • Ability to display on IMFF LCD and IBF
    • Can be used for mechanical AF center focus.
  • Expandability for specialty lenses.
    • Dual Focus needs for Anamorphic
    • Telescopic lenses.
    • Aperture and focus control
    • Non standard cinema lenses i.e. a motorized fix for lenses whos focus changes when zooming i.e. cheaper lenses.

Seperate Features


  • LCD Module integration
  • Standard 15mm rod clamp for lens gears. (link soon)


  • Beta Programming link / setup utility / onboard tweaking and presets (more on this)
  • Integrated lens presets both manual, downloadable and custom save
    • Saved presets for individual lenses or for rack focus on the fly
  • Perhaps an api for additional arduino or shield integration if the user wishes, not sure might be better for Gamma and a back module at that point.
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It might be interesting to explore the various options we have for connectivity to those accessories. Low bandwidth, simple bus could be considered.

  • I2C
  • RS232
  • there are even one wire busses.

At least I2C is a real bus and supported by arduino (and simple)

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Hm, just trying to understand. Would that be for connectivity between the Axiom and the Arduino?

Or would it be for connectivity between the Arduino and other accessories.

I had in mind axiom <-> arduino, but it could also be used with accessories.

We'd need to define both a physical port and a protocol that is simple enough to be used with very simple devices (like arduino's)